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1. (Hospitality) is natural in my village.

2. (The history of mechanical clock) is debatable.

3. (Fresh water) is one of the most critical natural resources of a country.

4. There are three factors that have caused a rapid increase in Indonesia’s GNP.

5. (The four steps in getting a driver’s license) is a complicated process.

6. (Bisons) are relatively newcomers in North America.

7. (Energy from the sun) seems to be potentially the best alternative.

8. (High position in a group of organization) has a positive relation with self-confidence.

9. (Television) has an adverse effect on children.

10. (Herbal remedies) has been proven an effective cure for sleeplessness.

11. (Ranting a new house) spends a lot of money.

12. (Bandung) is well known for its shopping attraction.

13. (Communication in English) is a major problem for many foreign students.

14. (Indonesia) has a great variety of ethnics and dialect.

15. (Komodo island) is famous for its species.

16. (Sulawesi) is well known for its spices.

17. (Classic works) give pleasure to writers in literature.

18. (Indonesia) has two different seasons in the whole year.

19. (Driving in Medan and Surabaya) needs aggressive attitudes.

20. (Private televisions) show too many violence for kids.


Latihan 2.2.1

1. a. Many things make watching television harmful for children.

b. (What make watching television harmful for children) is violence.

2. a. Kuningan is an exciting town.

b. Bandung is (well known for its beautiful tourism spots).

3. a. Padang foods are terrible.

b. Padang foods are (highly seasoned and spiced).

4. a. Registration at ITB is (a tiring process).

b. Enrolling at ITB is not easy.

5. a. The Mercedes Benz is a wonderful car.

b. The Mercedes Benz is (expensive to maintain).

6. a. Bandung Super Mall is convenient place to shop.

b. The wide variety of merchandise (makes Bandung Super Mall convenient to shop).

7. a. Reading newspaper is good for you.

b. Reading newspaper every morning (makes you well informed).

8. a. Buying a house in installment is better than renting an apartment.

b. (There are four reasons why buying a house In installment) is better than renting an apartment.

9. a. Due to cases Salmonella food poisoning in West Java, the sale of duck eggs reached its lowest point in the 2000’s.

b. The sale of duck eggs reached its lowest point in the 2000’s.

10. a. Small genetic differences (make one person different from another).

b. One person is basically different from another.

Latihan 2.2.2

1. The novel I read last night is really wonderful.

Ø Harry Potter : Order of Phoenix demonstrates good plot in bringing mystery into reality

2. My college is a good institution

Ø UIN is my college. It has many faculty and perfect place.

3. My brother has many difficulties.

Ø My brother was busy because he has to prepare all of his job.

4. Staying up late is bad.

Ø I woke up lately then I can not take my lecture.

5. Lembang, the northern part of Bandung, is a fascinating suburb.

Ø Lembang which a suburb in the northern part of Bandung has many tourisms cause it is the largest tea garden in Bandung.

6. Littering is forbidden.

Ø Litering make us to be an unhealthy human and it is dangerous.

7. Freelance working is required for self-supported students.

Ø Students can not work hardly, and they need a freelance working.

8. Jogging is good for us.

Ø Jogging can make our body health and make our circulate’s blood is fresh.

9. Writing an article is difficult for students.

Ø To write on article needs more carefully so it is dificult for students.

10. Studying is very important

Ø Without knowledge we can not live well, then of course we are poorman, so we have to study.

UNIT 2.3.1

1. Boby Frasta is one of the worst people I know.

2. Children are more likely to use their out-of-school time in ways that reinforce learning.

3. The word ‘clock’,in fact, means bell.

4. No living creature or animal can live in complete isolation.

5. For many years people have believed that there are two control system in the human body.

6. Biodiesel is free of lead, contains virtually no sulphur and produces lower quantities of cancer-causing emissins that petrodiesel.

7. Therefore, wet ground and bad storage system of eggs could be the causes of decreased sale of the duck eggs in 1970’s.

8. Insects can be controlled without the use of chemical killers at all.

9. In the most department stores, a customer can elect one or the other type of account.

10. By the time the first European travelers on the American continent began to record some of their observations about Indians, the Cherokee people had developed an advanced culture that probably was exceeded only by the civilized tribes of the Southwest: Mayan and Aztec groups.

11. My wife, Nunik Nurhayati, is a perfect wife.

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